Drive-Over® is a Sakata Seed Southern Africa’s proprietary mixture developed specifically for the Southern African region. Many years of trials conducted at our local research station, as well as decades of field experience have contributed to the success of this mix. Drive Over® is planted on drive ways and parking areas for a cool, soft looking surface that has an exceptional ability to withstand the pressure of vehicle traffic. This mix does well in full sun and semi-shade although areas in the full sun are more susceptible to drought and stress.

Drive-Over® must be planted in concrete blocks, which have cavities for the grass to be planted into and solid sections to reduce the pressure of the motor vehicles on the grass. The fact that the grass plants grow in a confined area means that there is less soil to hold water, so irrigation frequency will have to be increased.


Best times are spring and autumn. Avoid very hot or very cold times of the year.

Drive-Over Lawn Seed

  • 25g covers 1m2

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